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Below is a guide to rental prices per backdrop by size. Prices can vary depending on the popularity, season, and hand-painted detail and uniqueness in the backdrops etc. This is a guide only for budgeting purposes, please receive a quotation from one of our backdrop consultants who would be happy to give you a quote on a backdrop for your dates.

20ft x 10ft backdrops = S199

10ft x 20ft backdrops = $350

12ft x 25ft backdrops = $395

20ft x 20ft backdrops = $420

15ft x35ft backdrops = $495

18-20ft x 40ft backdrops = $595

20ft x 45ft backdrops = $650

22ft x 50ft backdrops = $720

Backdrops are rented on a weekly basis which includes shipping time. Additional weeks or part thereof are charged per week.

First Week Rental or part thereof $199-$720
Additional Weeks Rental or part thereof $99-$399

(17ft/20ft high x MINIMUM OF 250 linear feet wide)

The prices which will be confirmed upon request are between $15 to $20 per linear foot.

Please allow a minimum lead time of 10 weeks when placing an order for RoomSet Backdrops

The prices quoted exclude shipping and insurance.
A deposit of fifty percent of the rental price will be required for confirmation of the order

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Whether you need a dance recital backdrop, prom or high school reunion backdrop, a theatre or concert backdrop, Backdrops Fantastic has you covered! From museum and tradeshow backdrops to corporate, private and religious event backdrops, Backdrops Fantastic has the finest selection of hand-painted backdrops available for rental and purchase. Please browse the backdrop themes listed below. Click on backdrop links to view each theme.

Award-winning theme backdrops designed for special events, theme parties, proms, stage, theater, weddings and dance recitals.
Quality backdrop rentals and sales with superior customer service from Backdrops Fantastic - The Original Theme Backdrop Company.

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