The Good ‘Ol Days

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Think back to your 4-year old birthday party. Whether it was 15 or 50 years ago, I bet I have a pretty good idea of what it looked like. Everything had a theme. Whether it was clowns, GI Joe or Barbie, everything matched, and your mother most likely went over the top (in the 4-year old sense) with balloons, crepe paper, maybe a live clown or sometimes, in the most popular of parties, a pony ride.

The grown up events of today are not that different. The best parties always have some sort of theme. Whether it’s a general “Celebration” or a more specific (Casino, Around the World, Decades) it’s the event planner’s job to create that same sense of WOW that applied to our preschool selves when dad and mom opened the front door and a clown popped through with balloon animals, squirting lapel flowers and big shoes.

The theme is the same, and regardless of age, type of party, time of year or budget. Staying true to your theme and creating a WOW factor are the most important aspects.

So what creates that WOW as an adult? A clown? A pony? Maybe not. Still, visual impact is important, so let me suggest some WOW options- 800 square feet of WOWs to be exact:

Or maybe this?

How about this?

Still not quite right? Don’t worry. I have over 1000 WOWs for you to check out. No clown. No pony. But I guarantee your clients will react the same way.
Check it out!

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