We’ve Got Your Back

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In the event industry, there are thousands of options to choose from when you’re figuring out your total concept. Thousands. After deciding on the initial theme, it’s still easy to become overwhelmed when you’re doing your brainstorming ont the specifics:

Live dancers, or the videos screens?
Linen or the spandex table covers?
Waitstaff or food stations?

Let me just say, I feel your pain! In planning a completely original, fabulous (and hopefully not budget breaking) shindig, you’ve got to have your A-game. You’ve got to have trust in the vendors you choose. You’ve got to be able to delegate. And most of all, you’ve got to be able to wow that client because there’s nothing better than return business.

As far as vendors go, I want you to know that Backdrops Fantastic completely supports you! We get that you eat, sleep and work this event every minute! We’re on your team! We want you to shine!

Understand that when you let us take a small part in your event, we understand that overall picture. This isn’t just a sale to us. This is a relationship that we want to nurture with you so you (not just your decor) can shine!

We’ve got your back. I promise.

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