What Do You Do With those Beige Walls?

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We get calls all the time from people with the same dilemma – they’re planning the event; they’ve got great centerpieces, beautiful linens, amazing entertainment and BORING CREAM/TAUPE/BEIGE WALLS. Their themed event needs something to bring everything together… something that will transform their blank space into an unforgettable event.

Now, what could be simpler than hanging a backdrop? Immediately, the room has been transformed from dull to spectacular. Backdrops Fantastic has already created hundreds of hand-painted themed backdrops for the event planner. Nothing could be easier! Instead of hauling hundreds of plants and props into the space, take a few minutes, and install a piece of artwork that will wow your guests.

Check out all the themes at http://www.backdropsfantastic.com and take your guests to Africa, Egypt, Paris, New York, a ball game, to the 80’s, the carnival or even to Outer Space. The places and themes are here. It’s your choice … a little imagination plus Backdrops Fantastic equals a memorable event.

Around the World

Tail Gate Party

Back to the 80’s

Pink Planet

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