A letter to Backdrops Fantastic

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Every now and then you receive an unexpected compliment and it confirms everything you are trying to do. All of us at Backdrops Fantastic were so humbled by the recent words of our client Dave Pinkham of ALL CAPPS Productions. Dave took the time to write a letter after renting backdrops for the Nutcracker and because he expressed so many of Backdrops Fantastic’s goals as a company we wanted to share this letter.

Dear Backdrops Fantastic,
I think you know that I have been very appreciative of the excellent customer service, wonderful telephone manner and “fantastic” level of communication your company has shown me in the last two years.
I have been renting backdrops for this and other productions for 11 years, now, and I can say without qualification that Backdrops Fantastic is, in a word, Fantastic!
Where others treat my little, one-man production company like a fly on the wall… perhaps because I “only” rent once or twice a year, every person I have spoken with at Backdrops Fantastic, without exception, has treated me like a valued customer, has listened to my needs and concerns and worked WITH me to make my shows a success.
I have, over the years, suffered a few “horror stories” with regard to drops, so it’s always a stressful item on the agenda — getting the drops reserved, confirming the reservation and dates, confirming availability, ensuring shipment to the right address on the right day at the right time…
and so on, and so on. Your process is easy, proactive (I love getting calls and shipping updates so I know that the drops are on the way), and communicative. I particularly like your year-to-year agreement.
The first time we did business together, you “saved” me when a reservation I had for drops with another company got “lost” in their card file somehow and, with only a few weeks before opening I was left with no Nutcracker drops. I called every company I know about and came across yours via internet searching. Maureen was the first sympathetic person I talked to in all of my searching and you collectively managed to find a way to get drops to me in time to save the day.
I have since recommended your company to anyone who has asked me where to get drops, yours will always be the first on my list, not just because of the “save,” but because of your consistent follow-up and reliable service, combined with a superior product. I can tell by your attention to detail with regard to where and when the drops need to be returned, that you are treating every customer down the line in a similar way.
I expect to be producing the Nutcracker for years to come and expect to be a long time customer. I do direct one or two other shows during the year as well, and we occasionally rent drops for those as well, so I may well be in the market again soon.
Thanks for demonstrating the value of a customer-care focus and excellent quality.
-Dave Pinkham
ALLCAPS Productions

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