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Room Sets are series of Backdrops with matching Door Surrounds that can be used in various sequences to create a complete panoramic theme surrounding the entire room. Being Sectional, the RoomSet Backdrops are adaptable for use at most venues and can accommodate door openings and other architectural features.

Image of French Quarter Backdrops Floor-Plan

Provide us with your Floor-Plan and the correct measurements of the doors with their positions, and we will give you continuous panoramic backdrops, surrounding the entire room with full installation plans for your crew.

Installation Plans for Undersea RoomSet Backdrops Installation Plans for Undersea RoomSet Backdrops
Example of Installation Directions for Undersea RoomSet Backdrops


Event organizers and party planners:
Really dazzle your clients and their guests by renting a theme Backdrop RoomSet from our selection. Even if you don't see what you want in stock, tell us and we will create it for you to rent!

Venue mangers and hotels:
Increase the appeal of your venue by offering your clients custom fit theme RoomSet Backdrops for their events. Choose from our wide range of themes, or we are able to offer custom themes such as local interest or regional backdrops.

Image of Undersea RoomSet Backdrops in use
Photo of the Undersea RoomSet Backdrops in use.


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Our Panoramic Themed RoomSet Backdrops, adaptable to varying venues and hanging heights are exclusively available for rent or sale in the USA through Backdrops Fantastic

Whether you need a dance recital backdrop, prom or high school reunion backdrop, a theatre or concert backdrop, Backdrops Fantastic has you covered! From museum and tradeshow backdrops to corporate, private and religious event backdrops, Backdrops Fantastic has the finest selection of hand-painted backdrops available for rental and purchase. Please browse the backdrop themes listed below. Click on backdrop links to view each theme.

Award-winning theme backdrops designed for special events, theme parties, proms, stage, theater, weddings and dance recitals.
Quality backdrop rentals and sales with superior customer service from Backdrops Fantastic - The Original Theme Backdrop Company.

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