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Backdrop Information

Q: Can one buy a backdrop or is it only for rent?
All backdrops on this website may be purchased or rented.

Q: What is the cost of buying or renting a backdrop?
The cost of purchasing a backdrop will be determined by the size of the backdrop. The cost of rental will be determined by the duration of the lease. Click here for RENTAL and PURCHASE PRICES

Q: Is it better to Rent a backdrop or Buy a backdrop?
A: This depends on your objectives and budget
If a backdrop is to be used only once or twice, it makes sense to rent. Backdrops Fantastic has a wide range of theme backdrops to suite most needs.
Purchase: If a particular backdrop is to be used on a number of occasions, it may make more sense to purchase. When a backdrop is purchased we are able to customize the backdrop for the clients need to a greater degree.

Q: What sizes are the Backdrops?
On average our backdrops are 17 or 20ft high by 40ft wide. All of the backdrop sizes are indicated on the enlargement page of the backdrop. Many of our backdrops are Sectional Backdrops which can easily be adjusted to different sizes.

Q: How are the backdrops painted?
A: The backdrops are hand-painted and airbrushed by a team of skilled artists.

Q: What is the material used for backdrops?
A: We produce backdrops on various substrates - both synthetic and natural fiber canvas and acrylic paints depending on the requirements.

Q: Are the backdrops fire-retardant?
A: Yes. All Creations Fantastic backdrops are treated with fire-retardant.

Q: How many backdrops do you have available?
Creations Fantastic has 100's of backdrop designs available for rent. Every month the stock is added to with new designs.

Q: I want to hire a backdrop but I don't see what I am looking for in your stock, do you do custom rentals?
A: Contact us and explain what you are looking for. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. (CONTACT US)

Q: Who is responsible for installing and erecting the backdrop?
The customer is responsible for hanging the backdrop. You can do it yourself or contract a contractor to set up a pipe and drape system. Please see Hanging Instructions.

Q: How long does a backdrop last?
A: Many years if stored correctly.

Q: Is the lighting of a backdrop important?
A: Correct lighting of a backdrop is one of the most important elements in the display of backdrops.


Quality hand-painted scenic and stage backdrops, theme event backdrops, award winning Sectional Backdrops and Panoramic RoomSet Backdrops available for rent and sale through Backdrops Fantastic.

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Whether you need a dance recital backdrop, prom or high school reunion backdrop, a theatre or concert backdrop, Backdrops Fantastic has you covered! From museum and tradeshow backdrops to corporate, private and religious event backdrops, Backdrops Fantastic has the finest selection of hand-painted backdrops available for rental and purchase. Please browse the backdrop themes listed below. Click on backdrop links to view each theme.

Award-winning theme backdrops designed for special events, theme parties, proms, stage, theater, weddings and dance recitals.
Quality backdrop rentals and sales with superior customer service from Backdrops Fantastic - The Original Theme Backdrop Company.

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