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Backdrop Information

Q: What sizes are the Backdrops?
On average our backdrops are 17 or 20ft high by 40ft wide. All of the backdrop sizes are indicated on the enlargement page of the backdrop. Many of our backdrops are Sectional Backdrops which can easily be adjusted to different sizes.

Q: What is the cost of buying or renting a backdrop?
The cost of purchasing a backdrop will be determined by the size of the backdrop. The cost of rental will be determined by the duration of the lease. Click here for RENTAL and PURCHASE PRICES

Q: How do I rent a backdrop?
A: You can contact us by e-mail, or by calling 1.800.508.1916 or by completing the form on this website Contact Us

Q: How long is the backdrop rental?
The rental period is 1 week including shipping time.

Q: How much does shipping cost?
Shipping costs vary depending on your location and service. As an example, the cost of shipping a single backdrop one-way amost places in the USA is approximately $50-$90, but other regions will vary accordingly.

Q: Do you have to pay a deposit when your order is placed?
A: Yes. The order will only be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit amounting to 50% of the value of the order. (See: Rental Terms And Conditions)

Q: Do I need a Credit Card to Reserve a backdrop?
A: Yes. Even if you pay by check, we require a Credit Card Authorization. (See: Rental Terms And Conditions)

Q: How do we pay?
A: By check, credit card, or direct deposit into the Backdrops Fantastic account. (See: Rental Terms And Conditions)

Q: How soon before the date of a function must the order be placed?
A: For rentals, the order must be confirmed at least 30 days prior to the date of the function. For customized backdrops, booking 6 weeks prior to the event is required. (See: Rental Terms And Conditions)

Q: Who is responsible for installing and erecting the backdrop?
The customer is responsible for hanging the backdrop. (See Instructions for our Backdrops)


Easy Steps to Rent a Backdrop from Backdrops Fantastic

Step 1:
Browse through our Backdrop Themes Catalogue and decide on the backdrop/s you want to rent. Make a note of the backdrop Code Number. (All Backdrops are coded with the size indicated).

Step 2:
Contact us either by email, or calling 1.800.508.1916 or by using the contact form on this website. Don't forget to give us the Backdrop Code, the date required for rental as well as the Zip Code for a shipping quote. Contact Us

Step 3:
We will check and confirm the availability of the backdrop for your required rental date. If the backdrop is available we will fax or e-mail you a copy of our Rental Agreement. (See: Rental terms and Conditions)

Step 4:
Read and sign the Rental Agreement and then fax to our offices. Once we have received the signed Rental Agreement and a 50% deposit, either by direct deposit or credit card, we will provide confirmation of your booking.

We thank you for the opportunity to conduct business with you and wish to assure you of our best attention at all times.


Quality hand-painted scenic and stage backdrops, theme event backdrops, award winning Sectional Backdrops and Panoramic RoomSet Backdrops available for rent and sale through Backdrops Fantastic.

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Whether you need a dance recital backdrop, prom or high school reunion backdrop, a theatre or concert backdrop, Backdrops Fantastic has you covered! From museum and tradeshow backdrops to corporate, private and religious event backdrops, Backdrops Fantastic has the finest selection of hand-painted backdrops available for rental and purchase. Please browse the backdrop themes listed below. Click on backdrop links to view each theme.

Award-winning theme backdrops designed for special events, theme parties, proms, stage, theater, weddings and dance recitals.
Quality backdrop rentals and sales with superior customer service from Backdrops Fantastic - The Original Theme Backdrop Company.

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