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Backdrop Rental Terms and Conditions (Abr.)

Duration of Rentals:
The standard lease period for renting a backdrop is five (5) working days or seven (7) days including shipping time.

A 50% deposit of the rental fee must be paid before confirmation of a booking will be given.

Full and Final Payment:
The final payment is due and payable thirty (30) days before dispatch of the backdrop from our offices.

Method of Payment:
Payment may be made by cheque, credit card or by electronic deposit into our bank account. A completed Credit Card Authorisation Form is required in addition to the above payment methods. The Credit Card Authorisation Form should be signed and faxed or mailed to our offices for security purposes to cover the cost of any damage and late returns.

The company or individual renting the backdrop is responsible for any loss or damage to the backdrop from the time it leaves our offices until it is returned.

No alterations are permitted to the backdrops whatsoever. No painting, stapling, sewing, tacking or changing the form of the backdrop in any way. The company or individual leasing the backdrop will be held liable for all repairs or replacement costs and will be billed accordingly.

Before a backdrop is shipped, arrangements must be made by the company or individual leasing a backdrop to insure it for the cost of replacement or damage. The Insurance policy must name Creations Fantastic as an additional beneficiary in the liability policy which must in turn be faxed to our offices before the backdrop is dispatched.

All backdrops are dispatched from our offices using various freight companies. A reputable carrier must be used to return the backdrops to our offices by prepaid shipping. There will be a surcharge of twenty percent (20%) on the freight costs of all backdrops returned COD or for our account.

Late Returns:
The rental fee paid for the lease of the backdrop is for the duration of the lease only. Any period in excess of the agreed lease period will result in a charge the approximate equivalent of US $70 per day

Companies or individuals who cancel a booking up to 22 days before the due date for the dispatch of the backdrop will lose their deposit. Cancellations twenty one 21) days or less before the due date for shipping of the backdrop will incur the full fee.

We thank you for the opportunity to conduct business with you and wish to assure you of our best attention at all times.


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