Holiday Tip #3

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Happy December 3rd, everyone! Ready for the next installment on tips to make December amazing?!?! Here you go:

#3- Good Hospitality is the Key to it ALL
I went to a conference last night on hospitality and one of the main points of the evening really emphasized that the holidays are a time when you can go overboard and no one will think anything about it.
Example: You can take a plate of cookies to your neighbor (business or home) during the holidays and they won’t even blink- it’s the thing to do in December. Now, if you were to bring over a plate of cookies in March, they’ll either wonder if they’ve forgotten a special occasion or maybe think that you’re about to apologize for something.
December is a GREAT month to go overboard with your friends and neighbors! Take advantage of the season and show the people around you some simple acts of kindness!

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