How Many Ways Can You Use the Same Backdrop?

0 Posted by - June 30, 2010 - Backdrop Rentals, Backdrop Sales, Beach Backdrops, Event Backdrops, Party Backdrops, Theme Backdrops, Tropical Backdrops

Backdrops Fantasic finds it interesting to see how clients use the same backdrop in so many different ways!Their imagination is astonishing – they are always coming up with new party ideas.

For Example:

Take one of our favorite backdrops: Tropical Beach Sunset

The amateur event planner seeing this backdrop would automatically think, “Beach Party!”

A Beach Party is a great idea, but is that all we can do with this backdrop? Not if you start thinking out of the box. All of a sudden ideas start flowing:

  • Castaway Party
  • Survivor Party
  • Christmas in July
  • South Pacific
  • Luau
  • Jamaica Me Crazy Party
  • Blue Lagoon Getaway
  • Surfing USA

Now we’ve started, can you add any?

Our point?

Don’t be generic! Give your events some specificity and excitement. Our backdrops can handle it!

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